Friday, July 18, 2014

Light Ship Sighting - Hommersak, Norway, July 18th 2014 - Two Ships

Good morning!  Well, I guess I have become a Light Ship enthusiast! When I started taking pictures and documenting the ships on July 2nd it was not the first time I have seen them however they are much closer now and more visible. I could be taking much better pictures with different technology, I am using what I have available. The movement of the ships on the video is my hand moving, not the ship. From July 2nd to now, there has been at least one ship everywhere I have traveled, in the early morning hours over the places I am staying from Morocco to two different locations in Norway.  These videos were taken from midnight to two am time on July 18th.

Prior Blogs with ship sightings - July 2nd LivNShine - July 3rd LivNShine

VIDEOS of July 18th, 2014

     SHIP 1:  Video 1   and   Video 2

     SHIP 2:  Video 1

Pictures of Ship 1:


Pictures of Ship 2:

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