Monday, June 23, 2014

Healing by Whitney

How you can SEE energy

Hold your hands up out a foot or so in front of your face with your finger tips pointed at each other about an inch apart.  It is best against a light colored blank background, like a plain wall, and stare at the space between your fingers.  Relax your eyes and allow them to unfocus and continue to look until you see a haze between your fingers.  It will appear different for the individual, but usually a transparent or off white color of haze. The longer you hold your hands up, the more you will start to feel your fingers drawn together like a magnet.  There you are!  You just saw your own life force!

In 2007 a friend of mine showed me this and it intrigued me enough to begin seeking out ways of learning about energy and the body.  I began participating in healing groups, reading information and mentored under a phenomenal healer for almost four years in addition to whatever work I was performing at the time.  Now I can feel vibration and the magnetic texture of energy.  When running my hands over a body, I can feel and heal blockages and leaks and open up, strengthen and connect energy flow through the body.

My continued practice and study of energy work over the past seven years has lead me down some interesting rabbit holes, I've meet amazing new friends, expanded my perception of the world and eventually left my home in Montana to walk out on faith following the call of my heart. Presently I reside in Morocco with a group of people and spend my time increasing my skills. Skills that I can share with you!

Healing Sessions

Where ever you are in the world, I can work with you and can send the energies to you to help you in whatever way supports your highest and best excitement!  My forte is not readings and making interpretations, I am a healer through feeling and connect with your permission only with you in an instant.  I don't have a set "price" but would rather heart based energy exchange with what resonates for you.  You can email me at and Paypal is the same. I prefer to work with you during your sleep time however I am open to appointments, just so you are in a place where you are relaxed.  The internet is up and down here, so please know I will return your email as soon as I am able.

It has truly been a pleasure to be here doing what I can do, in my own way to support planitary change. I am honored.

In appreciation and love,