Friday, July 18, 2014

Light Ship Sighting - Hommersak, Norway, July 18th 2014 - Two Ships

Good morning!  Well, I guess I have become a Light Ship enthusiast! When I started taking pictures and documenting the ships on July 2nd it was not the first time I have seen them however they are much closer now and more visible. I could be taking much better pictures with different technology, I am using what I have available. The movement of the ships on the video is my hand moving, not the ship. From July 2nd to now, there has been at least one ship everywhere I have traveled, in the early morning hours over the places I am staying from Morocco to two different locations in Norway.  These videos were taken from midnight to two am time on July 18th.

Prior Blogs with ship sightings - July 2nd LivNShine - July 3rd LivNShine

VIDEOS of July 18th, 2014

     SHIP 1:  Video 1   and   Video 2

     SHIP 2:  Video 1

Pictures of Ship 1:


Pictures of Ship 2:

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Notes from the road: July 15-17, 2014

Verdens Ende, Norway
Our unofficial theme from the OPAL Tour was "there's something going on, on on, on...." because every day, indeed, there is something going on. The energy is intense, more intense that you every knew before, the synchronicity are overwhelming and clear than they ever had been before, the magical moments filled with knowing and love are more than they every had been before. It has grown and grown and is more every day, new, fresh and stronger.  The wave and the crescendo is what I wish to relay to you as we are all standing in the cusp of a magnificent shift in the world as we know it. No one has the answer to how it is going to go.  Each day is lived on tools of resonance. Every day for the past year has been unique and the most full of flavor I have every tasted.  My life has become an interactive movie with an abundance of rich texture and meaning.  Notes from the road is just that, some of the thinking and events that are circulating in my world right now.  Thank you for reading!

When you know your body and can feel the changes over time, you come do a very personal awareness that there is something going on.  I had a friend quiz me one time "where do you know all you know from?"  I don't know!  There isn't one source or one source in particular I can say "that's the source". I've read thousands of writings from spiritual to business, watched thousands of videos, talked with hundreds of people, lived many many experiences and studied many things. Everyone who has shared their interpretations has helped me develop my own and I am so grateful.

I remember watching the sun grow whiter and brighter every day after December 21, 2012.  I saw it, noticed it and watched it over time.  I felt the texture of the rays and knew it was different.   While many would see me as someone who rushes in, I know, however, that I spend much time looking at a situation before moving forward.  I am very good at waiting and garnering clues,
sometimes months regardless of the situation I am in.  I knew I would be changing my life completely and leaving on a path unknown for a year before I actually did it, and I had no idea at the time how I would be doing this or with whom.  When I met them, I knew they were friends, I knew they were my friends.

When I discovered the "spirituality" movement/side of life somewhere in 2007 it was through direct experience.  Things that I could not logically explain, happened and I knew without any doubt the existence of more than I can see, feel, touch or taste.  I could pinpoint times I felt a friend close or feel a glance across a room.  One such instance was a session with my mentor, Mary Marron where for 15 minutes a Being she interpreted as an Angel started by putting their hands on my head and slowly down my body to my toes - over the span of the 15 minutes.  Mary stood next to the table and did not move.  I felt the soft pressure of hands on the top of my head, the purposefully lifting and then my ears, lifting and then my neck, lifting and then my shoulders and down until off my feet.  It was a lovely experience, I was appreciative and in awe.

When I look back at my life and all that I have done, I know with no reservations, it was all to prepare myself for what I am doing now.  My perspective has broadened and the confirmation I've received from my own experiences is well past the "good enough" stage.

So, as I said, there is something going on....  what that is, I can only articulate for myself and connect with others in knowing.  "IT" is difference for you and you and you and you. The journey is so personal, yet I've found myself with friends in such a personal journey together and as I talk with people, I see the evidence in their lives.  The unfolding is exquisite.

As I look at life and the situations I create for myself, I feel like I am watching and participating in life from a variety of vantage points.  I feel these perspectives feel like I am am sitting in an upright posture and then learning down face first into the air in front of me down a Fibonacci sequence tunnel.  The perspectives are full view points at different spots on the line swirling down in until I'm so close that I can feel other people's facial features on my face.  Feels like it looks when you sky dive and the wind is rippling your cheeks.

Never absent is the knowing of the completely crystal clear clarity of all that is.  This seems to stand behind my body.  It doesn't mean that my view is always absolutely clear, just that the knowing is there, I can feel it and work to get back to that feeling when I've focused down on something too much.  Sometimes I get so focused in on something, I have to watch my facial features, they can get stuck in the most interesting spots, usually looks pretty funny if you are sitting across the fire from me.

Between Oslo and Stavanger, Norway
The world touches me far before I reach out to greet it.  I feel frequency, sound, vibration and energy with magnetic fields very subtly on my skin and inside my body through my tissues. Sometimes the sensation is soft and warm and sometimes it is jagged like bolts of electricity.

Some time ago I made a choice to feel energy, it was probably in 2009.  I was somehow tuned into it before naming my business LIV Entertainment (Life in Vibrance) and hence later my current blog is LivNShine well before I knew much about energy.  The only thing that I can really nail down as
a highest excitement for me to DO, is the help others unleash their creativity through learning how to do it myself.  I've always wanted all of us to succeed together and find a lot of satisfaction in seeing the people around me flourish.

Since I feel electromagnetic fields, I have had to learn how to quite myself and the energy down around me if it gets too painful or confusing.  Such as not being able to listen to certain music because of the vibration or calming all my senses down to be completely in my center to be able to handle the magnetic waves of life.  Learning how to be neutral has helped me so much.  It's really easier to stay neutral than get caught up in the heavy emotions that can suck you into a spiral. When you are neutral you don't have to think anything, about anything you see, feel, taste or touch unless you really really want to.  In neutrality you are devoid of making mental thoughts and assessments about everything you see; is it pretty, it is ugly, do I need it, do I want it, do I take it personally, do I not.

Hommersak, Norway
Neutrality brings your back to zero point.  Where you are a raw space of all possibilities and the quieter you become the more of you, you can shine direct from the God spark that springs forth from the unseen inside you, appreciated and inclusive of all life.

Neutral is not lifeless, it is ALL LIFE IN FLOW.  In the flow that is the most refreshing, zesty exciting adventure possible.  Neutral is a skill.  You have to catch yourself and face yourself, heal yourself and forgive yourself, accept yourself and appreciate yourself. Over and over and over and over, like the backdrop to all you do.  When you find yourself leaning out of the flow, you feel resistance.  The faster you look at it and resolve it, the better, cause it will just start creating more pull, till it becomes one of those painful spots in your side.

Neutrality includes total acceptance, compassion and forgiveness of oneself, operating all the time in the background. Just when you think you are getting "good" at shedding layers, the layers come faster and closer; more personal.  Because the clearer you get, the more pull the points you haven't addressed gets.

Check with your body, if you are feeling acute pain, often in one area, this is the big one you have to just get the courage to face, heal and let go.  It's a direct line into your energy field and it will affect your hearing, feeling and even seeing on that part of your body.

Try it -- get quiet and clear and then look all around you at your body.  If there is one place you can't quite get your eyes to move to, there is a reason.  An energetic attachment is distorting your view.  Then if you are aware of the spot, because you are more aware of it, it could hurt more.  So
Near Oslo, Norway
be mindful about the quality of the thoughts your are directing to it, even this can help you heal it faster.

Tell your body you love it once in a while.  Feel appreciation for it, without it you wouldn't be experiencing the world as you are, without you, it would not exist.

Warning - as you become more clear, you can see the unclear in others pretty fast, so this is the time to remember your journey and feel compassion and remembering that we all chose to be here and are all on the same journey regardless of the inception point.

More that ever before, I am able the feel the world and now have some idea of what I am feeling. Everything has been ramping up for YEARS now and it might seem repetitive, but these last weeks...  there is something going on....

There is a way I feel the world, that I thought everybody felt the world like me and I couldn't for a very long time even know that bangs and bruises in life came from me not understanding that we really all see things differently, no matter how much you know someone, see someone, feel someone, are connected by energy or by blood. It was only through listening very closely and paying attention, that I finally realized that there is no way for me to fully know the kaleidoscope of experiences you came from, so intimately as you do, to completely relate to your experiences.

This is what makes life juicy is that we are so unique.  Often I see we are afraid that with the new "love" age we will loose our individuality, which can't be further from the truth.  I see explosion of creativity because everyone will want everyone else to shine in their fun.  The competition in spirituality has been over for a while, no more gurus.  

Each person I have ever come in contact with, even only for a moment, I have proof of the phenomena of creation in a personality that is all yours.   The depths of you, it is its own journey over space and time.

I don't even know what to do with myself lately.  I really don't even need to get out of my chair and everything revolving around me is full of wonder and awe.  No one gets how cool they are.

Again, getting back to the point... there is something going on...

I noticed a light ship in Aouchtam July 2nd and felt compelled to put out a blog on it because the still shots from the videos reveals a face in the ship, or at least two big holes that did not move in aspect to our direction.  Hit publish on the blog and went out to breath before sleeping and there the ship was again. So I took some pictures and video and watched it from dark to after dawn. Needless to say, I didn't sleep and launched into compiling the next post and I slept through the third morning.

Then the fourth morning we left to Norway and the ship was there again.  Not only that, but there have been ships every night in every place I have been in Norway. They are unmistakable now, close and don't move over many many hours.  Unfortunately, I don't have a way to take photos right now.

The nights are like predawn light all night and it is easy to stay up way later than you think it is, so I've been going to bed around three to five in the morning the last week.  I had some very real experiences while focusing on the ships this past week.  Once was a feeling of letting go of all past, a release of everything we know to realize all that we are and that this was not a practice drill.  The next was a searing ray of light came into the top of my head, left side that felt like it burned a hole and I half expected to smell my hair burning.

We have been in Norway for over a week now and every day there has been a huge augment in the texture of the frequencies, they feel like burning white fire. My ability to feel magnetic and frequency waves is remarkably increased.  The revelations have been pouring out as well all adding layers of knowing. There is truly, something going on that is bigger than life as we know it, I can feel and and sense it.  I'm looking forward to the unfolding of it as well.

My passion is developing the One People "Inner-network".  I am already seeing so many signs in my daily life that we are already communication telepathically.  Think about if we don't have to lug these laptops around!  We can send each other video files and pictures as well, making a movie in your head, connecting with the heart of the other and sending.  This is where I see us going.

Anyone want to play?

I have contacted the because they have an excellent site that could accommodate us working together to develop mental telepathy and practicing quantum pause breathing together found at  If there is anyone who wants to work with me on this, please email me!

Also, if you looking for help and direct energy connection with me, I am available for sessions with you regardless of your location.  Click on this link for Distance Energy Healing page.

All my best to you!



Monday, July 14, 2014

Notes from the Road: July 14, 2014

We are in the process of helping Sonja pack and clean up her life here in Norway so that she can be free to do what she feels is the best to shine.  And Darius, Blue Star and I have been having a
blast being here, in whatever capacity we can, to be with Sonja in a very difficult time.  It is not only arranging furniture and things, its a morphing of the nature of her relationships with her children, ex-husband and friends.  It is a bit sad and it is sweet. Sonja has been so strong I've seen her bend and flow through this process with clarity.

Since we are so very close in Morocco and we have had enough time to get to a place of ease in communication and flow of life, coming to Norway, I've started to observe how we have brought an interesting  point of light into the layered, structured, very wealthy, neat and tidy country.

We are here for Sonja and we are here for her family as well.  Wow she has some awesome kids and we are really liking Morton, her ex-husband.  We had a conversation with her oldest son, Kristoffer and his friend Magnus who are about twenty years old that blew my socks off.  Magnus told us that he has been working on being positive about everything.  He went through how he catches himself in how he thinks all the time to make sure he is staying positive.  Then he told us that he learned how to cloud burst because he was waving at the clouds with Kristoffer and the clouds went away.  Kristoffer chimed in, excited.  They had experienced it together and then came to the conclusion that they could move clouds with their hands and have been practicing the past week.

Both of them made a point to tell us that they have been feeling that they "glow" more and more over the last six months and are constantly making efforts to move things with their minds etc. Meanwhile they are dealing with regular life.

Purpose renewed of our journey!  I wish I could relay the feeling I had, when I realized how important it was, to meet these young folks.  They got it handled.  They are amazing, they are creating their own learning.  I'm floored with wonder and so much appreciation.  This is about connecting all these brilliant people together.  They want to talk and connect with other people like themselves.  And this is what we are all about!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Double Take! Light Ship Sighting, July 3, 2014 - Second day in a row!

Sunrise July 3, 2014
Here we go again!  Wow.  Around 5:00 am I finished the post with the photos and video from yesterday morning's exciting ship sighting and went outside to see the ship back again a second night in a row!  For July 2, 2014 post Click Here.

The ship was stationary so if it looks like it is jumping, it is just me moving the camera.  The zoomed in clips make for some interesting designs. Also, the orb in the photo in full daylight is not the ship, it is a reflection.


Video 1 ~ Video 2 ~ Video 3 ~ Video 4 ~ Video 5 ~ Video 6

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Light Ship Sighting - July 2, 2014


We had a magnificent ship over the ocean for over two hours that we know about yesterday morning.  I've
been working on a blog and stayed up late or early if you will and took a break on the veranda.  This ship was three to four times larger than the ones we see normally here.  Sounds funny to say "normally", however we see them about any time we are in the space to look.  .

So I had to wake everyone up and we enjoyed sitting together like a night you all get up to watch the lightning in the sky.  I ended up staying up til past dawn.

When I blew up the photos tonight, we were blown away by the "face" which was there for most of the videos, but sometimes not.

Since I took a lot of shots out of the videos I thought I would just put the pictures and the videos in a blog.  Then the magnificence of the sunrise photos was to amazing not to share.  It looked like a scene from Star Wars. The videos were all different lengths and the jumping around is me adjusting the camera, the ship stayed in the same spot til clouds came in and masked it.

I took all these shots personally.



Video 1 ~ Video 2 ~ Video 3 ~ Video 4 ~ Video 5

Magnificent Sunrise!  This video was just as the rays started to come through the clouds: