Soul Shine Energy Sessions

Soul Shine Energy Sessions

Whitney has been performing Energy Healing for over six years. Energy Healing is the process of bringing you to a relaxed, calm, centered state of mind by clearing the build up of thoughts and emotions and their densified physical structures which block or cloud you from being all that you already are and distort your natural well-being. This results in positive changes in many areas in life.

Initially she learned the art of energy healing through several years of mentorship with Medical Intuitive, Mary Marron and participating in the local healing community. She continously augments her skills through intentionally putting herself in new situations and configurations to push her expansion and to be of the best service she can.

Unleash your creativity and let your Soul Shine!

Her ‘Soul Shine’ energy sessions are the summation of all she has learned and are a complete energetic system clearing, tuning and harmonizing of the mental, physical and emotional bodies for optimal performance, geared toward allowing YOU to shine out of YOU more. To many it feels like an energetic massage and the energy can be intense, you can feel a bit sore the next day like you worked out. The core intention is that all healing is done to bring out your highest and best expression of yourself and support your own declaration of growth.

The session can be done as distance healing or an appointment in a physical place. Scheduling sessions are very simple, just email Whitney. During the session you can relax, there are no requirements of you save to be open to the energy work.

Distance sessions can be at night while you are sleeping so you wake up refreshed. Daytime work needs to be scheduled so you can be relaxed as it can cause you to become sleepy or light headed. Sometimes people report sore muscles the next day, like you have worked out and it is good to stretch your body. Afterwards drink plenty of water!

Whitney is open to working with children and has experience with helping release severe emotional trauma from the body.  Sessions are done on a bed or chair until she finds a healing space. She does not have a vehicle yet however she is willing to find ways to come to you for the session. For those out of Missoula travel range, she can connect and do the healing from a distance.

Energy exchange:  $50 hour consultation and healing session

Mentorship available upon request.

To schedule your Soul Shine appointment send an email to  Copy and paste the text below adding your information with "Soul Shine Appointment" in the subject line.

I, (your name), give Whitney Fisher permission to work with me energetically once at our agreed upon time.  I acknowledge and accept that the intent is for my highest and best good.  All healing benefits are a result of me doing my own work with assistance and no guarantees of healing are made by Whitney.

For distance healing or to pay with a credit card, paypal links off the blog home page:

InnerTech PlaySpace events in Montana in planning now!

Email Whitney at 
with any questions

Thank you very much!

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