Wednesday, August 26, 2015

LivNShine shares Whitney's updated Biography

Traveling Healer, Whitney Fisher returned to Montana in July 2015 from two years of walking out on faith to seek the truth about what is going on in the world.  Her decision to go came together as a result of a lifetime of seemingly disparate personal growth experiences which coalesced into a clear picture around four years ago and she felt urgently that there was a need for focused action to be taken for the sake of something much larger than individual concerns.  She did not know what her journey would entail or how she would survive, just knew that she needed to do it and left Missoula in September 2013 with $500 and her packed minivan.

Whitney following her inner guidance on her own merits through being a genuine caring person and an effective team member. She did her very best, held a calm, clear attitude, acted with integrity and earned the respect of a few sponsors who valued her work and together they made it a team effort. Therefore, she was able to gift her services holding logistics roles to support individuals and groups active in forging new pathways for humanity, gave hundreds of healing sessions to people from many cultures, supported the building of an energy efficient generator and is bringing the potential back to Montana and physically did whatever needed to be done.

Her journey wove her through sixteen US states and twelve countries where she touched the hearts of many people, built relationships and participated in Earth's evolutionary shift in consciousness among multi-national groups. She intended to glimpse the subtle forces at work and see the larger picture of the truth so that effective action could be developed to tip the scales toward true freedom for everyone. She experienced the synchronicity of the group process sharing themes world wide and intends to share the benefit of her learning with all who are open.

Her mission is to do the very highest and best that she can to use her lifetime to expand the boundaries of what is possible for all by doing her part in co-creating an Earth free from slavery and theft of what belongs to us. She feels strongly about connecting our hearts together telepathically through heart centered living and mutually sharing keys to unlocking our inner technology, thereby consciously shifting our world into positive time lines through direct and focused intention together.

Currently she is preparing topics for public speaking, writing a book, offering one-on-one coaching and healing sessions.  She is also spearheading putting together a Cottage Industry Community Unit through the Fix the World Organization to support those who wish to build Quantum Energy Generators for their communities.

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