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Shared Mentorship Group for the Expansion of Consciousness

This group shares the goal of exploring, developing and strengthening our own Source/Self given raw talents and skills we currently term as "super powers" for the sake of what we individually say is important to our own selves that stems from the knowing inside each of us.

This is an offer for those who are Self Responsible.

Super Powers are Embodied Skills which expand your capacity to Act in a way that you can DO what you want to DO, when you want to DO it, resting in true knowing what you have DONE came through from a space of self responsibility in flow with your highest and best good and therefore IS by its nature accountability for your perceptions, intentions, thoughts, feelings and emotions hence behaviors and actions.  You are therefore, in integrity.  Your energy is whole and complete, not one piece missing and impenetrable.  It is the backbone of your code of honor, which directs your choices, behaviors and actions.

All your  creations flow from First Source energies before any constructs, time matrices, boundaries and limitations. Being in this space is pure freedom.  The structure expands from you, adds vibrance and flavor to your life disintegrating the Light Encoded Matrix Reality as you just BE and DO, revealing heaven on earth.

Those who are attracted to participate in this group will have an already agreement that the highest and best they can do in life is to grow their own Selves.  I AM...  WE ARE...

With the creation of something new, there will be guidance in the flow provided by Whitney and whomever it resonates until the group is Self hosted, each BEing acting as responsible for their own expansion brings their own gifts and talents, realized and unrealized. No one is responsible to teach another, all we can do is share ourselves with ourselves with a common goal of Inner Tech expansion.  Information will come through our shared wanting.

Therefore we Value the time we spend together and all self monitor to deflect disruptive behaviors to support the coherence of the group.

Blank Slate beginning. With a blank slate you are willing to face and release anything that might come up to block you from BEing ALL POSSIBILITIES.  Being a Blank Slate is a skill.  This is one of the skills we will work on together.  Here a beginner to a master meet to blend and share ourselves, simply knowing that we are the Life Force that powers and drives our Soul Carriers. This life force is All Knowing and Infinite as we are each a complete fractal of First Source hence we are Equality and One with the whole.

The skill of being a group will build together.  Each of us creates this space together and we can begin with a mood of willingness, listening, interest and intent to do the best we can.

I do not have all the answers and want to be in this space of learning with others. Therefore, I will use my talents to connect us with the First Source platform and start the space and offer us to co-create it together.  I will and intend that you as well "hold the integrity" of the group.  We are not here to battle our perceptions, we first let them go, then walk forward. -- Whitney Fisher

All BEings enter the group clear or intending to be clear.  All of us are on the shared journey we have different inceptions points and each of us benefits the other.

Gathering Times:

One started the group will choose to meet in the future as long as they find value doing so. Sessions will start at around two hours in length, however the time commitment is up the group to decide.  The group will grow and contract naturally.  You can come to any open Inner Tech Play Space gathering and participate until you feel that you would like to join the group.


What feels to be the most appropriate space to gather for the sake of supporting our learning in will be determined together and will occur at a variety of space/time locations beginning on the internet.

Basic energetic structures for the sake of expansion of consciousness:

Mood of Willingness:

Mood of willingness is a very powerful state of self mastery.  Mood of willingness stems from you, knowing why you are doing what you are doing and it is value to you; you are interested.  In a mood of willingness there is nothing that cannot be done. All barriers or resistance are sought out and resolved.

Our thoughts, moods and intentions reflect each individual's sincere and genuine wish for the other's highest and best excitement to be realized.  We are willing to question all that we are in order to grow into something new. To realize our individual flavor and beauty.

BEings participating are in a mood of willingness and appreciation of the value of self expansion. By showing up you show that you are willing.  Through your interactions with the group your show your assessment of the value.  Disruptive and aggressive behavior shows that you might not be ready for this "space of possibilities".

Mutual Respect and Dignity:

The group is expected to want to stay in resonance and self limit distractions from the group being able to fully realize something new.  Participants are expected to hold a level of care in their intentions, words, feelings and interactions together.

Respecting another, shows the respect you have for yourself.  This group is expected to be open, honest and forthright.  Effective action requires the putting aside of the ego mind and being present to the situation, then communications are given and received clearly without negative ego attachments.


Listening is a skill.  To listen, you must be present to the conversation like in mediation, without extra thoughts distracting you from clearly hearing what the other is saying.  When you listen, you are not formulating the next thing to say, you are aware of anything you are hooked or triggered by and resolve it in yourself so you can listen.  The skill of listening is being centered in your own power, as you can choose how you react to the information shared by another and are free to choose what you will gain from another's perspective according to your own tools of resonance.

Comfort: wear whatever you feel the most relaxed and comfortable in.  Tight and binding clothing can be distraction.

Energy exchange:

Accept for Value.  That which you value, you appreciate.  Value is your individual perception and is specific to the being, thing or situation being assessed as valuable.  It is something that you hold in high esteem or regard.

The level of appreciation and gratitude you feel  regarding what you are assessing as value. When you hold this co-creative space as valuable, the appreciation will shine through your thoughts, intentions, feelings and hence actions.  Appreciation can be seen and unseen.  In a mood of appreciation, our experience with be more full together.

When I interact with you, I become "more" and I appreciate the sharing of yourself with me. I cherish and hold learning as valuable, therefore I appreciate this shared learning experience
Our knowing is realized through shared experiences with others, knowing is valuable, therefore is by our Will we come together to create a "shared space of possibilities" for self realization.
We bring with us our "space of possibilities" which is your Eternal Essence's configuration of your soul/ether, physical vessel, mind and emotions.

You are first ALL possibilities then refract your light into physicality.  Your body simply follows your light instructions, whether you know it or not.

Each of us gathers together with our own free will choice to focus our energy together, we respect this about ourselves. We support the other to be in flow with their highest and best excitement with no expectations as we know that when we are completely in flow, we are the most powerful.  This group will manifest of their own wanting to increase their individual and collective capacity/power to act.

All embodiments of Eternal Essence are Equally Valuable, the "space of possibilities" from which any particular embodiment chooses to act knowingly or unknowingly enables them to be powerful more or less powerful specific to whatever situation is being assessed.  Power is the relative capacity to act and take care of concerns based on your "space of possibilities".   Therefore the more expanded our space of possibilities, the more power we have to act.

Power is relative capacity to act in a specific domain, all actions and behaviors do not produce the same results.  We are willing to share ourselves for the sake of our own expansion because we hold in our hearts that it is important for our own self.  There is no guru, there are only those who have expanded their "space of possibilities" in a way that enables them to think and act effectively, which is Power.  No one is forced to share their power with another, when BEings share their power, respect is given of the valuable gift of their selves and does not negate another's abilities.  There is no expectation of one to be the leader as each are in appreciation of the value of the learning.

The knowing will come with asking
Let go of all intent
Let go of all expectation
Let go of distractions
BE the One you have been waiting for

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