Sunday, February 23, 2014

Explaining the Paradigm Shift to a Teenager

This morning, I was asked a very good question by a teenage member of my family: "I have a question what are u preaching or like the banks are taking over? I'm confused".  Ironically I woke up this morning asking for clarity on a issue and responding to this question helped me gain that clarity; here is my response.

There are many things going on that are not easily visible, you have to kind of sit back and watch the world to see what is going on. It took me the last six years to learn some things, and as I did, everything changed for me. Now everything that I am doing is so that life will be better for all of us, this is why I don't have a "normal" family life, there is a goal I am working for to free us up from the control of people who don't have our best interests at heart.

Our world is really like Star Wars. Some people want more and more and are willing to hurt others to get it. Some people just want to live in peace and get along with each other, but can not ever get peace because the people who want more will never stop poking at them until they get more, and the "more" people really don't even know why they want more and more for. This is something we wanted to learn for ourselves and now we are living it.

The people who want peace now vastly outnumber the people who want more. In fact if you put all the people in the world together only a very small number want to hurt others to get more. However this small group is very powerful because they control corporations, governments, military, police stations, religions, land and money and they are able to control what you learn through fear, school, media, movies etc.  When you realize this and then you start learning on your own, you have access to tons of information through the internet, just follow what interests you.

What is happening in the world is good even if the news seems horrible, so don't get down about it, just know that you are ok and the more you learn from a broad range of subjects the better. The projects I am working on will help everyone, for example the town we are creating in Morocco will be a safe haven for inventors who have working devices that produce free energy. In their own countries their lives are threatened if they release the technology to the world, here they will be able to develop them in peace and freely share their inventions. These kinds of changes are not on TV, you will only find them if you look.

If you feel at odds with the world all the time, then you feel it, that there is just something not right with the world. It's stale or not as fun as what you think it could be. Until I saw that there is actually something "not right" with the world I blamed myself and thought there was something wrong with me. Then I learned that each of us is perfect exactly how we are and at every moment. Nothing is wrong with you or me and you can start to breath and relax. The world is changing for the better and I think you will find in time that the uneasy feelings you have are just signs to show you what to pay attention to and resolve within yourself, this is your personal journey and it is unique to you.

I hope I was able to answer your question. You can always ask me for clarity.

I Love you!

~~ Whitney