Friday, March 28, 2014

Meet Rune and Helga, new members of the One People Community Aouchtam!

Isn't it Ironic.... 

Within two days of moving into the Sanctuary, we already have an RV in the driveway!  


Meet Rune and Helga who have joined the Aouchtam Community!  

Rune is from Norway and Helga is from Iceland. They have been living in Spain for the last six years waiting to come to Morocco and join us!  Rune has been very aware his whole life and has known that he would come to a community here.  This is amazing, since we have only been there a month!

Rune is feeling strongly about helping to clean up and maintain the grounds at the Sanctuary and feels his highest excitement is to build a Hama (sounds like ha-mawm), which is a public bath house.  I'm all about that, because I LOVE soaking in hot water.  We have the perfect spot for it within the Sanctuary that has a door outside the front gate to make it a public space.

The gates to the Sanctuary are in the middle of the picture, if you look to the left down the walls you can see a blue door.  This would be the entrance. There is actually a whole three bedroom house with a kitchen and bathroom with very low ceilings that we 'discovered' the other day :) already on the property. Wow.  In very bad repair but workable!  Walking in front of me in the picture is Yousef, our local guide.

We are able to make changes, like build the Hama, when we have secured the property.  We are still looking for an investor who sees the value in what we are doing here to ground the new earth energies and provide for a community club house which will also be home to the QEG.  If anyone is willing to make a substantial heart based donation to purchasing the property to be stewarded and held in trust for the One People by us, please get in touch with me via email at: This House has an awareness, it has already given me the message that it would like the bars taken off it's windows and doors.

The Hama experience is such a unique adventure here in Morocco.

Rune and Helga in the Sanctuary driveway
The here people say, "sure you can take a shower at home, but to get really clean, you have to go to a Hama". I have not personally been, but plan to soon, all I know if from the stories I hear.  Women on one side, Men on the other, you enter and go through a series of three baths that successively get warmer and help you detox.

The special feature is the "scrubb down".  You go in with underwear on and a lady scrubs you down, even the belly button.  Helga said is was like the lady, handled her like an infant, tough but with love. Rune also mentioned that inside the Hama, the men, who might be aloof outside, become very personable and more relaxed in their gestures, like putting their hands on each others shoulders, etc.

Moroccan people are extremely loving.  They live in a culture where it is not acceptable to show signs of affection outside of the privacy of their homes, but inside, well that is a different situation!  This is so nice to know!

I look forward the getting to know Rune and Helga better, they came in and fell in step with us immediately.

All my best!


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Be the Change You Wish to See in the World ~~ a personal journey by Whitney Fisher

Pendant I have been wearing since the my
travel began last September. Rose quartz
from Brandon  Russell and
medallion from Heather Portner.
What if the boundaries you think are so solid and impossible, aren't REALLY there?

Would you walk through them?


It has been 26 days since I have eaten solid food.  I stopped eating since we moved to Aouchtam at the beginning of the month, save for a bit of chocolate :).  I drink tea, juice, coffee, water and a pinch of Himalayan sea salt here and there.

Other than a bout with a head cold that is being passed around here, I have been clear, bright, conscious and aware. My body feels good and I can walk and climb and lift stuff almost better than before.  My skin is brighter, my face has changed.  The energy running through my body is intense and I have gone through many changes.

I FEEL just like me and I am not depriving myself in any way.  I told myself that if my body wants something, then it can have it.  I have no hunger.  There have been no hunger pains AT ALL, the entire time.  Everyone is checking with me.  I'm not alone and well taken care of by such good friends. Yousef, our local guide, says "Windny, you must eat.... or fall over dead."

                         I don't agree

It all started the Saturday before we moved to Aouchtam (March 1st) when I started to feel nausea in my body.  Stomach bug confirmed Sunday morning and diarrhea for about three days (all during our move- yep).

The first couple days with the bug I had no wish to eat and then it grew organically with no goal or expectations. Pieces of the puzzle came to me and coalesced into a knowing, so strong in myself, that there is, really no way for me to be anything but it.  And IT gets gnarly.  I am speaking my Truth and it doesn't have to be your Truth, no judgement or attachment.  This is only a transparent sharing with you, the knowing place in my soul, that I begin from at every moment of now through fully aware INTENTIONAL choice.

This choice is FREEDOM

Freedom     Freedom     Freedom  
Freedom from all the nasty intentions to control, manipulate, squash, suck, enslave, eat, and take from me on levels and layers, I may or may not even know about.  Agenda 21, Illuminati, Programming, Sick Care, Bank Debt Slavery, Angels and Galactics, Monsanto, Global Weather patterns, Hydron Colliders, Vatican, Atlantis/Lemuria. War, Hate, Greed, Despair and the fear of facing ourselves.

How do you pick yourself up out of that?

How about; how do we pluck ourselves out of that undesirable situation?

First came the overwhelming feeling I would just have to unlock the philosophers stone, the holy grail, the keys to ascension, to get the heck out of here.  Then came the shared journey, where I realized I was not alone in this feeling, that thousands upon thousands of people over centuries share my sentiments and walked this path far before.  I embarked on connecting, face to face with these souls. Now the I in my journey is We.  We, together, are seeking wholeness in ourselves and together shine that into the world.  A world where we live in abundance and are stewards of the Earth and all her inhabitants.

Follow the trail of clues with me, if you dare. It went a little like this:  we will stop eating animals when they say, "Hey, don't eat me" or will we continue because they can't communicate with us in a way we can understand until they send us a courtesy notice to tell us "we are aware of you doing this; see - no more contracts, I AM informing you, I claim my sovereignty, I chose by my Free Will, I AM conscious".  That is quite the rabbit hole and gets deeper when you think about who is responsible to drop it first.

This is what is going on at a Universal level with the powers that where, the banking system, over 20 JP Morgan employees committing the "same" suicide by jumping from buildings in the last several months.

What you do to your neighbor, you do to yourself and you are doing that now, whether you know it or not. We start looking at each other clearly and seeing ourselves in the other, we start supporting each other, caring about each other, wishing well to each other, coordinating, co-operating, sharing, nurturing and loving each other. It's all the turn around we need, to bring peace.

 (This rant inspired by Sheila Foulger and her famous Stop It video, take a break and watch it here:  Bob Newhart Video)


I strive for this Freedom and I walk endlessly toward it through life, knowing why only through hindsight and personal reflection. What might feel like a long journey of mistakes and failures, is an illusion and I can see the beauty and perfection of every moment. I AM grateful.

Over the last several years, I became aware that the world around me might not be what I thought it was. As I came to stages of learning which resonated within and walked forward in a direction that has lead me here.  WOW!  What a ride!  I couldn't have planned it better!  I AM falling in love with life!

This a journey unique to each of us, everyone's journey is their own.  Hence it is a jump that is only for those who chose.  I'd like to put the possibility into the mix to expand the collective consciousness.  If I want Peace, then it must first shine out from the very source of me and reflect in my actions.  How the heck, do you do that? Shed it all?

Be the Change You Wish to See in the World

Contemplating Freedom "from" something brings you full circle back to the knowing that only by changing yourself inside, can you change the world outside and when you really are "there" do you really need to change anything?

I am just so "done" being dominated or controlled, having my energy harvested, with or without my consent.  Fortunately I also know that the universe around me, is created by me, through my perception. So I am really telling this to myself, "don't harvest my energy".

Well if I am telling myself this, then what AM I doing that is contributing to the very thing I seek to free myself from?  If I say, I want Peace in the world, how can peace be reflected OUT of me, INTO this world, unless Peace is my choice, that first shines from my soul and would naturally be reflected in my actions?

It has been said that Adam and Eve did not know hunger until experiencing the separation from God.  A puzzle piece snapped into focus, suddenly as if the constant need to find food, prepare food, grow food, buy food, stock food, have the right food; just seemed well... a LOT of work.

Am I distracted by the need to feed myself? Humm.

I KNOW that unlimited power shines out of me, my God Spark, that can power my body already. I've just forgotten.  If I really KNOW this then I don't need any source outside of myself in this physical place to give me its energy to power my being.

All who meditate will find the zero point inside within oneself, the access to the quantum field.  It is the void and the connection of yourself to ALL that is in the universe.  The God Spark with unlimited abundance of power and knowing.  Each of us, has a direct connection to Source with in us.

If I know that I have an instant direct connection to Source, I then can surmise that there is nothing between Source and myself.  No hierarchies, no paperwork, no Vatican, no permission needed from something outside my body.  First we realized we were slaves. Then came the I AM.  I AM Sovereign. We have declared to the ruling elite, I am the Natural Woman/Man. I sign without prejudice.  I do not consent to my life force being harvested on ANY level by ANY being. ALL contracts are reconciled, I have NO contracts with any Being.

Humanity has begun to let go of the old system of domination and control.  This is the time. Source has declared for Peace and the waves of incoming light have upgraded our physical bodies to the point where we can access more of our DNA to unlock the secrets of our souls and inner technologies of our bodies, which the old system does NOT want us to access.

If I can teleport or fly anywhere I want to go, no boards could restrict me.  If I can manifest anything I need, then no one can control me. If I can maintain the environment around my body, I could travel to the depths of the oceans or transcend time and space.  

We have been led to think that we only use 5% of our DNA.  The inner-technologies of the body rest in our DNA, which is activated by light.  Light is information, wave form, vibration pattern, color, frequency and sound.  DNA refracts out the light that you are into the world and gives the commands in the physical body to create the perception chosen which is a pattern of vibration.  The 95% "junk DNA" the scientists tell us we have is actually contains more capabilities for us to embody if we chose.

The evolution of the human species is globally under way and human technology is organic.  It does not grow in hate, fear and dog eat dog world of low vibration.  It grows in love.

Good, good, good... Good Vibrations

The very last time I ate meat.
Where does all this mumbo jumbo leave us?  Well for me, in my journey, it is time to jump, to make an even greater leap of faith into the unknown.  To walk my Truth.

I am not fasting or trying to lose weight or starving for peace.  I AM consciously with my Free Will choice directing physical change in my body to unlock capabilities within myself, that could come in handy right about now to help the Earth free herself from an invasive force which is struggling to keep humanity in slavery.

I am doing this from my God Spark out, because I am the source of all my experience of life and my perception creates the world I live in. So first I am in appreciation.  I am in love.  I uphold the highest ideals to the best of my ability, so these things can be manifest into this reality and I therefore Be the Change I Wish to See in the World.

All my love,


What wondrous experiences have I planned for myself next...
I AM Appreciation

Abundance flows out from my god spark
I AM Abundance.

Allowance for others to co-exist with me with ease and grace flows out from my god spark
I AM Unconditional Love

Peace flows out from my god spark
I AM Peace

Allowance for the perfection of the journey for all souls flows out from my god spark
I AM Compassion

Knowing I AM the creator of my own perception flows out from my god spark
I AM Self Responsible

I promise to keep my word to the best of my ability flows out from my god spark
I AM Trustworthy

I stand in Truth that which I can be no other, whole and complete not one piece missing.  My ship hull is impenetrable, which shines out from my god spark
I AM Integrity

Wholeness and completeness flows out from my god spark
I AM Oneness

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Outfitting the Consciousness Clubhouse ~ One People Community Aouchtam - Prologue from Whitney

Greetings Everyone!  I have been working all day on a post to show you what we have come up with here in Aouchtam for the Consciousness Club house.  It has only been four days since we signed the lease and the place is transforming!  The interior is being patched and painted, broken tiles replaces, weak pumps and water heaters installed new, beds being delivered.  The physical is transforming as well as the depth and richness of the story.  The house came with no furniture and some water pressure problems, but that was to be expected, it is not new and has definitely not been fully habitated in a while. It will take some time to outfit it for the community center.

This property is magical, it has established gardens, lots of hidden and interesting places and plenty of room for a co-creative space, a growing garden.  In addition it has grown our connection with the villagers.  The wife of the owner is Layla.  She is fantastic woman with two small children, speaks Spanish and some French. Her husband is from Spain and a very honest forthright man.  

We negotiate through our guide Yousef who genuinely has our best interests and those of the town as well.  In the last couple weeks as he, Brian, Jorge and Justin have gone to see the various housing available, has figured out the lay of the land.  He knows what is an acceptable price and for what conditions of the home. So the club house owners made us a fair deal on the property for it's uniqueness and are getting to know us when we come over every day to see the repair progress and image the possibilities and design.  We found out that their son has a heart condition and needs an operation that they can't afford, so the rent is a god send for them and Layla asked if she could provide any services like cooking and cleaning to make some money. Since we have so many people coming and going now from the apartments we know we will need cleaning, so we made a proposal to Layla to head up the move out cleaning and any other cleaning requests that might come and she accepted today!  This is building a community.

We want the flow of abundance to go into the people who live here and they want to offer us their services, we found this out as well, they are very polite people.  They will wait out on the periphery until you see them and invite a conversation.  The guards on the beach several nights ago, did the same.  They stood back a ways with a flashlight pointed on the ground until we went up to them. They were very curious to know our intentions and when they could see the loving intentions, they started opening up.  So they are waiting to be able to communicate with us.  Thanks to Harriet, we have a full library of to learn Arabic with!

Morocco actually wants us to be here.  Yousef explained this to us with very deep reasoning.  This was a forgotten place, behind in the times, we bring life, we bring possibility, we bring abundance.  We don't have work on ways to convince them that we have good intentions, they already know.  They are very excited about us being here and already anticipate us helping with some issues, like the water shortages, trash disposal, electricity, etc.  People are so connected here that everyone knows everything about everything that goes on and news of us is out. 

So as you see the fullness of what is going on is beautiful.  I have set my intention for the funds to come in to buy the house, which will secure it for the Sanctuary it is for the One People and enable Layla to afford the operation for her son's heart condition. It doesn't feel impossible because in US terms the price they are asking is nothing for a property as majestic as this one.

The people in this country are very good judgments of character and do many things on each other's word.  It is important for them to be honest so that the others in the community will trust them.  Money is passed in a lot of what we would say tips, but I see it is all just a little appreciation here, a little appreciation there.  Yousef explained to me that he doesn't do anything he doesn't want to, so he lives sometimes large and sometimes not but never worries about it.  He despises people taking advantage of him, just as we feel the yuk of knowing that this world is set up to fed on us.

We have already seen the impact on the community, one of the two road side markets upgraded suddenly from a dirt floor and old plain shelves to a nice tile floor and newly painted interior with a shining smile behind the counter that I remember from the first day here trying to teach me the words for lentils and tomatoes. Now villagers are coming up to us to let us know where houses for rent are.  They want to know why we are here, the guard on the beach a couple nights ago was sure to ask, "what are all these people coming here for".  I showed him that we are all family and friends from different parts of the world, who have come together to be together with people they enjoy spending time with for a long vacation.  He leans in closer and says "there are many problems here" and I say "there are many problems everywhere in the world, we just want to take a break from all that, live and be happy" and he replies "you are welcomed in Morocco".

And all this is going on with the expansion of all the layers and to set the energetic background I wanted to say some words as a prologue to the post showing all our ideas and invitations to co-create, and my prologue went about five hours over one paragraph. Hah!

The Sanctuary comes with some new friends!

I've come to a stand in life, here I AM, I can be no other.  For all moments before this one, my life has been, one step after the next step, to this moment.  When I Know in my mind, body and soul, with no doubt, that the only thing for me to DO in this life is to follow my highest and best excitement at every moment of now with no attachment to the outcome.  Even if I don't know what IT is, I can Feel for the better feeling and let that show me the way.  This way, all things are taken care of in the natural organic flow in unconditional love according to the most valued principles of appreciation, compassion, harmony, abundance, oneness, freedom, self responsibility, respect, transparency, trust and integrity.  In this I am relaxed and tranquil and for this I've shed ways of thinking, pounds, miles and boarders, limits and expectations. 

In my journey there is nothing else to DO here on Earth but to Appreciate the Experience and the highest and best good is the growth and expansion of my soul as there is nothing outside of me that is not first perceived by me. Then expands from my heart out through my physical body spilling into this world. I spill out abundance.

Therefore the Earth renews and refreshes herself because I see it as so.  My life is loving and fun because I see it as so. Others are abundant, healthy happy and free because I say, IN my Universe, IT is SO.  And because I declared it from the very source of me, claiming my free will, it shines out of me into my body, and my body becomes SO.  I shine it out of me and my emotions, thoughts and feelings become SO.  When you know this, you can stand and chose what you shine and forgive yourself for anything you shone in the past because the only thing you really can do to remedy all the Bullshit, is to start NOW shining out love and compassion, forgiveness and allowance to yourself and then it will shine to others. 

All experience before now, no matter how you felt, perceived, thought, intended, give you all the answers you need, you need only to look at them, see them for what they taught you, appreciate the value of the experience, release it and move on. Because the only thing to do is start looking at things in a new light, it does not matter what the other shines at you, only what you shine out of yourself.  Now you are empowered to take up the controls in your own cockpit and drive your own change, drive your own flavors and textures, emotions and feelings.  Hummmm, what do you want next?

All I experience is My own choice, on some level, whether I know it or not and I can trust that, because this Universe is based on Free Will and now that I realize I have Free Will, I can use my Free Will, knowingly and intentionally to create my world around me.  I can choose how to feel about it, in fact I take full responsibility and liability for my intentions, thoughts, feelings and actions which color my perception, because it is the place I perceive From that matters. Looking at the world in love and no strings attached in full heartfelt appreciation for the beauty of the bouquet of BEings around me.  The love I see between people is breath taking, the intricacies of personalities and preferences is rich and full of flavor.  My own personal movie is a masterpiece of conscious perception.

All in the Universe is connected through the energy of unconditional love, each of us is connected to the other. If every thing I perceive first came from me, then all you out there, are really me. And if I am Responsible for the creation of my thoughts, feels and intentions because I know that the world I live in reflects my chosen perception, I would really want to wish everyone the very best.

To know this and wish each other the best in our journeys is beautiful and exquisite.  I have no need or wish to control or take from others, judge or place limits on them so that I can have their experience.  I like mine!  We all came from the same source and that source is inside of me and you, equally. Source wants ALL sorts of experiences. Somewhere on the path between me and source, which is inside of me, I am experiencing everyone else experience so there is no need to see someone else's journey as better or worse, it is all equal.  I come to know myself through my relationships with all of you. As I see the wonder in you, I see it in myself.  Because I have the Free Will choice and can chose what I prefer.  I shop for flavors by spending time with you and expanding my perception through seeing you more clearly.  You show me, what I am creating. I'm so very appreciative!  Thank you!

Now you Know the very best thing, you could do for yourself or anyone else, in this world, is to support their free will choice for their highest and best excitement and let people do their own thing. We move about and run into those who we feel best around and hang out because it's fun. If the only thing for me here in this earth, is the experience, then it's much more fun to play together, there are so many more juicy opportunities for co-creation.  

This is what is happening now in my journey.  I appreciate you I value this and the excitement draws me to happiness, joy, love and fun.  

Nothing else makes sense, from here I can be NO other. 

I Love You, I Bless you. I wish you the very best according to your choice!  And I am excited to create with those who wish to play!

~~Whitney Fisher

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Part I
Part II
Part III

 Many hands will create this space

Should you feel led to give a heart based donation of your energy into the Community Center please send it via Paypal.  
In gratitude and appreciation, Whitney  

Outfitting the Consciousness Clubhouse ~ One People Community Aouchtam - Part I

Magic is in the air as we begin to prepare the Sanctuary! 

The ideas are flowing to co-create a place, a Sanctuary, for those who stand in Appreciation, Abundance, Peace, Unconditional Love, Equality, Integrity, Authenticity, Oneness, Self Responsibility and Honesty to the best of their ability. For the sake of bringing in, grounding and growing organically a new way of life and new earth consciousness for all BEings on this planet.

This post will be in three parts since I got crazy adding photos!
Part I
Part II
Part III

Sanctuary for the Expansion of Consciousness

We are grateful to have found such a beautiful place to co-create with.  This property is magical, it has established gardens, lots of hidden and interesting places and plenty of room for a co-creative space, a growing garden.  The property feels calm and peaceful.  I feel that this place is to ground the new paradigm energies and will focus my energy on keeping it a Sanctuary for the expansion of consciousness that we are here.

The intention for the energetic presence of the property is to be the grounding of Abundance, Peace, Love and the support of the Highest Excitement of all BEings here or otherwise.  We are all working out how to live our Truth knowing that there is no need to account for our Value to the world, all there is to DO is walk forward with the highest and best intentions as we bridge the realms of consciousness, grounding in new earth in a powerful and loving way.

Imagining this place has been so fun!  We can see so many uses for the One People Community, this post goes through the main areas with lots of pictures for you to see.

The gates open from a dirt road that is more of a dry creek bed.  In front before the gates looks to be a shelter for donkeys on the left and an enclosed small square of grass to the right.  The old iron gates sound out when you open them to a long driveway.  On the right of the driveway are trees and already cultivated gardens with established flower gardens near to the house.  On the left of the driveway are a series of small
animal enclosures with more flower gardens with walking paths closer to the house.

The home is quite and expansive.  The downstairs area has a kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms. On the left from the Guesthouse is a two car garage we hope to use to kick of the QEG project.  The stairs lead up to a grand salon in two tiers.  The salon will be able to sit, hopefully, fifty people for group meetings, conversations, meditations and whatever we can have fun with.  Up a couple steps from the salon is an area we plan to create a "group co-creative space" with tables for laptops and bookshelves with space for people to store their personal items.

To the left of the salon is a room we intend to be the shared healing room and a bathroom with tub and shower.  Across from the computer area is another small room we plan to use for an office and sound room that will be shared by everyone regardless of the project.  Our idea with the shared space is for the resources to be available to people to come and co-create together on all the projects from local community development to Fix the World.  There is a nice large veranda off the salon we will be putting areas for meeting working together outside.

The next set of stairs leads up to a residential floor with a kitchen.  This area will be a private residence for those stewarding the property.

There is a beautiful flow to the space, in that it encompasses wholeness and provides space for countless creations.  We see many hands co-creating this space together with imagination and fun.

My Souls highest and best 
excitement flows into this place

Salon will be a big circle of couches for group conversations!

This place is so very special, 
we are grateful
 to have the opportunity
 to be stewards
 of this land
 for ourselves and
 for the One People.

Salon and Group Co-Creative Space

The Grand Salon will serve many

~ Welcome Center for the One People Community Aouchtam and New Paradigm Housing 
~ Group Co-Creative Space
~ Consciousness Club House for Inner Tech Expansion
~ Fix The World and New Earth Projects 
~ QEG Development Facility
~ Community connection point and planning center
~ Healing Arts and Space

Group Shared Bathroom
~ Salon and work space
~ Guest House
~ Potential Outdoor Hostel and Laundry 
~ Healing Room
~ Gardens 
~ Mediation and Peaceful areas
~ Group Meeting Conference and Community Kitchen for Special Events

Figuring out layout and design

Group Shared Bathroom

In this place it is known that you come standing in your own power.
All are Equal, we choose to serve each other as a gift of the heart.

Welcome Center

The Sanctuary will be a greeting and orientation spot for those moving to or visiting Aouchtam. Brian, Jorge, Justin and Yousef have teamed up to help travelers find accommodations and to smooth their transition into Aouchtam. 

Visit the One People Community website at

Since there are no hotels in Aouchtam, the team here has worked very diligently to find potential accommodations to create the very best situation for each individuals needs.

Group Co-Creative Space

Imagine long tables with laptops and coffee cups on the top level of the Salon filled people who are active in co-creating the new earth paradigm:

5D Media Network -
Brian Kelly's Blog -

Lisa M. Harrison -

Stillness in the Storm
Justin Deschamps and Julian Robles -

5D Design House 
Jorge Ojeda Cortez -

Project XIII
Caleb Skinner -

Removing the Shackles

American Kabuki
Bill Ferguson -

Fix the World Projects

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Part I - Current Page
Part II
Part III

Many hands will create this space
Should you feel led to give a heart based donation of your energy into the Community Center please send it via Paypal.  We are also intending to raise funds to secure the property for the One People, not as an investment but as a sanctuary where the new earth energies are grounded for new earth for all of humanity.  

In gratitude and appreciation, Whitney  

Outfitting the Consciousness Clubhouse ~ One People Community Aouchtam - Part II

Here is a place we discover how to embody self responsibility in compassion and love, working together closely we are able to see our own Selves more clearly and expand.  We honor Free Will choice and the equality of all BEings.

Consciousness Clubhouse
 for Inner Tech Expansion

Land owners son taking advantage of the mattress we are waiting to move upstairs :)

Bringing on-line our Inner Technology is our highest and best excitement.  When we come together our energy fields interact and become stronger.  This is how the new paradigm is seeded and grounded and this beautiful house holds the space for that.

We are happy to announce that Judy Jandora will be lending her creativity to the Sanctuary with mural paintings for the Consciousness Clubhouse!

We will be shopping for fabric this week and are excited to announce that Yulia Ojeda Cortez will be lending her creativity to sewing the coverings, drapes and pillows for the Clubhouse!

We see a stunning Moroccan salon with color and vibrance able to sit maybe 50 people!  We will see! We are moving forward with outfitting the house with what is needs to function, knowing that there may be others who wish to lend their energy as well. At this point we have purchased four beds, two water heaters, new facet hardware for the three bathrooms and hired a local carpenter to build the shelving for the shared co-creative space, couches for the salon and One People Library.

Imagine cozy places to sit, talk and work outside on the veranda. The tan tent you see through the arches is the place we are looking to put the One People Cafe!

Pascal looking through the veranda doors

Guest House and Community Kitchen

with Outdoor Seating

The Guest House will be available for people coming for short term stays and who wish to surround themselves in the energetic environment. There are two rooms, one with a queen bed and one with two single beds.

Guest rooms to the left

Community and Guest House Kitchen

The kitchen will be available for the people interacting in the group co-creative space, special events and people staying in the Guest House.  We hope to outfit it with enough dishware and kitchen items to cook for large groups of people.

Two Guest Bedrooms

Social and Eating Gathering place

This Center Births Possibilities

Layla made us tea with these flowers

QEG Workshop

With excitement and anticipation we are so grateful to be selected for Hope Girl's Fix the World project as the location of the first CICU (Cottage Industry Community Unit).  Everything is in the works and coming together at breakneck speed. Tools and talent are on their way as connections come in making offers to work on the project.  It is truly exciting!

We are hoping to fund raise for outfitting the garage with the shelving and work space tables needed for the QEG production, if you feel led to donate please specify in your message on paypal that you would like the donation to go toward the QEG.  Paypal:

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Garage for the first stage of CICU development

This place Unleashes Creativity

We have three weeks to transform the garage to make it ready for the QEG

This place is flows abundance to the world

Future Healing Room
We see a shared healing room for people wishing to share their gifts.  It is next to the salon and has a door to the shared bathroom.  We wish to outfit it with a massage table and supplies for use by the community.

This room is right off the main salon

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Part III

Many hands will create this space
Should you feel led to give a heart based donation of your energy into the Community Center please send it via Paypal.  We are also intending to raise funds to secure the property for the One People, not as an investment but as a sanctuary where the new earth energies are grounded for new earth for all of humanity.  

In gratitude and appreciation, Whitney  

Outfitting the Consciousness Clubhouse ~ One People Community Aouchtam - Part III

Outdoor Laundry and Showers
My dream is to help others unleash their creativity, so I had to consciously journey in life for the last several years to find out what that meant for me and is a huge part of my reasons for doing what I have done - the age old quest for true happiness and true excitement.  When I visited the Mountain Lights Sanctuary in Asheville, NC the place inspired me with all the amazing creations of the human mind.  If you look at the accommodations section of their website you can see what I mean: Mountain Lights Sanctuary.  Once we have secured stewardship of the property and actually build as we wish.

Potential Outdoor Laundry and Showers for a Youth Hostel

Pascal (Norway) had no problems communicating!

This place bridges worlds.

Potential Outdoor Youth Hostel and Meditation Spaces

When you come in the front gates, the left side of the driveway is filled with awesome spaces, which were used for animals. Our imaginations are going wild with the thoughts of creating a solar heated spa and quite decorated spaces for meditation and conversations and outdoor sleeping.  Oh what fun!

New Friends already at the Sanctuary

Established Gardens

We look forward to providing more updates as the center progresses!

Part I
Part II
Part III - Current Page

 Many hands will create this space
Should you feel led to give a heart based donation of your energy into the Community Center please send it via Paypal.  We are also intending to raise funds to secure the property for the One People, not as an investment but as a sanctuary where the new earth energies are grounded for new earth for all of humanity.  

In gratitude and appreciation, Whitney