Sunday, March 23, 2014

Outfitting the Consciousness Clubhouse ~ One People Community Aouchtam - Part III

Outdoor Laundry and Showers
My dream is to help others unleash their creativity, so I had to consciously journey in life for the last several years to find out what that meant for me and is a huge part of my reasons for doing what I have done - the age old quest for true happiness and true excitement.  When I visited the Mountain Lights Sanctuary in Asheville, NC the place inspired me with all the amazing creations of the human mind.  If you look at the accommodations section of their website you can see what I mean: Mountain Lights Sanctuary.  Once we have secured stewardship of the property and actually build as we wish.

Potential Outdoor Laundry and Showers for a Youth Hostel

Pascal (Norway) had no problems communicating!

This place bridges worlds.

Potential Outdoor Youth Hostel and Meditation Spaces

When you come in the front gates, the left side of the driveway is filled with awesome spaces, which were used for animals. Our imaginations are going wild with the thoughts of creating a solar heated spa and quite decorated spaces for meditation and conversations and outdoor sleeping.  Oh what fun!

New Friends already at the Sanctuary

Established Gardens

We look forward to providing more updates as the center progresses!

Part I
Part II
Part III - Current Page

 Many hands will create this space
Should you feel led to give a heart based donation of your energy into the Community Center please send it via Paypal.  We are also intending to raise funds to secure the property for the One People, not as an investment but as a sanctuary where the new earth energies are grounded for new earth for all of humanity.  

In gratitude and appreciation, Whitney  

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