Friday, March 28, 2014

Meet Rune and Helga, new members of the One People Community Aouchtam!

Isn't it Ironic.... 

Within two days of moving into the Sanctuary, we already have an RV in the driveway!  


Meet Rune and Helga who have joined the Aouchtam Community!  

Rune is from Norway and Helga is from Iceland. They have been living in Spain for the last six years waiting to come to Morocco and join us!  Rune has been very aware his whole life and has known that he would come to a community here.  This is amazing, since we have only been there a month!

Rune is feeling strongly about helping to clean up and maintain the grounds at the Sanctuary and feels his highest excitement is to build a Hama (sounds like ha-mawm), which is a public bath house.  I'm all about that, because I LOVE soaking in hot water.  We have the perfect spot for it within the Sanctuary that has a door outside the front gate to make it a public space.

The gates to the Sanctuary are in the middle of the picture, if you look to the left down the walls you can see a blue door.  This would be the entrance. There is actually a whole three bedroom house with a kitchen and bathroom with very low ceilings that we 'discovered' the other day :) already on the property. Wow.  In very bad repair but workable!  Walking in front of me in the picture is Yousef, our local guide.

We are able to make changes, like build the Hama, when we have secured the property.  We are still looking for an investor who sees the value in what we are doing here to ground the new earth energies and provide for a community club house which will also be home to the QEG.  If anyone is willing to make a substantial heart based donation to purchasing the property to be stewarded and held in trust for the One People by us, please get in touch with me via email at: This House has an awareness, it has already given me the message that it would like the bars taken off it's windows and doors.

The Hama experience is such a unique adventure here in Morocco.

Rune and Helga in the Sanctuary driveway
The here people say, "sure you can take a shower at home, but to get really clean, you have to go to a Hama". I have not personally been, but plan to soon, all I know if from the stories I hear.  Women on one side, Men on the other, you enter and go through a series of three baths that successively get warmer and help you detox.

The special feature is the "scrubb down".  You go in with underwear on and a lady scrubs you down, even the belly button.  Helga said is was like the lady, handled her like an infant, tough but with love. Rune also mentioned that inside the Hama, the men, who might be aloof outside, become very personable and more relaxed in their gestures, like putting their hands on each others shoulders, etc.

Moroccan people are extremely loving.  They live in a culture where it is not acceptable to show signs of affection outside of the privacy of their homes, but inside, well that is a different situation!  This is so nice to know!

I look forward the getting to know Rune and Helga better, they came in and fell in step with us immediately.

All my best!


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  1. As usual, Whitney, you allow me to FEEL like I am there as you are so descriptive in the writing of the tale and the pictures are so helpful.

    Thank you, once again.

    Much love to all