Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Be the Change You Wish to See in the World ~~ a personal journey by Whitney Fisher

Pendant I have been wearing since the my
travel began last September. Rose quartz
from Brandon  Russell and
medallion from Heather Portner.
What if the boundaries you think are so solid and impossible, aren't REALLY there?

Would you walk through them?


It has been 26 days since I have eaten solid food.  I stopped eating since we moved to Aouchtam at the beginning of the month, save for a bit of chocolate :).  I drink tea, juice, coffee, water and a pinch of Himalayan sea salt here and there.

Other than a bout with a head cold that is being passed around here, I have been clear, bright, conscious and aware. My body feels good and I can walk and climb and lift stuff almost better than before.  My skin is brighter, my face has changed.  The energy running through my body is intense and I have gone through many changes.

I FEEL just like me and I am not depriving myself in any way.  I told myself that if my body wants something, then it can have it.  I have no hunger.  There have been no hunger pains AT ALL, the entire time.  Everyone is checking with me.  I'm not alone and well taken care of by such good friends. Yousef, our local guide, says "Windny, you must eat.... or fall over dead."

                         I don't agree

It all started the Saturday before we moved to Aouchtam (March 1st) when I started to feel nausea in my body.  Stomach bug confirmed Sunday morning and diarrhea for about three days (all during our move- yep).

The first couple days with the bug I had no wish to eat and then it grew organically with no goal or expectations. Pieces of the puzzle came to me and coalesced into a knowing, so strong in myself, that there is, really no way for me to be anything but it.  And IT gets gnarly.  I am speaking my Truth and it doesn't have to be your Truth, no judgement or attachment.  This is only a transparent sharing with you, the knowing place in my soul, that I begin from at every moment of now through fully aware INTENTIONAL choice.

This choice is FREEDOM

Freedom     Freedom     Freedom  
Freedom from all the nasty intentions to control, manipulate, squash, suck, enslave, eat, and take from me on levels and layers, I may or may not even know about.  Agenda 21, Illuminati, Programming, Sick Care, Bank Debt Slavery, Angels and Galactics, Monsanto, Global Weather patterns, Hydron Colliders, Vatican, Atlantis/Lemuria. War, Hate, Greed, Despair and the fear of facing ourselves.

How do you pick yourself up out of that?

How about; how do we pluck ourselves out of that undesirable situation?

First came the overwhelming feeling I would just have to unlock the philosophers stone, the holy grail, the keys to ascension, to get the heck out of here.  Then came the shared journey, where I realized I was not alone in this feeling, that thousands upon thousands of people over centuries share my sentiments and walked this path far before.  I embarked on connecting, face to face with these souls. Now the I in my journey is We.  We, together, are seeking wholeness in ourselves and together shine that into the world.  A world where we live in abundance and are stewards of the Earth and all her inhabitants.

Follow the trail of clues with me, if you dare. It went a little like this:  we will stop eating animals when they say, "Hey, don't eat me" or will we continue because they can't communicate with us in a way we can understand until they send us a courtesy notice to tell us "we are aware of you doing this; see - no more contracts, I AM informing you, I claim my sovereignty, I chose by my Free Will, I AM conscious".  That is quite the rabbit hole and gets deeper when you think about who is responsible to drop it first.

This is what is going on at a Universal level with the powers that where, the banking system, over 20 JP Morgan employees committing the "same" suicide by jumping from buildings in the last several months.

What you do to your neighbor, you do to yourself and you are doing that now, whether you know it or not. We start looking at each other clearly and seeing ourselves in the other, we start supporting each other, caring about each other, wishing well to each other, coordinating, co-operating, sharing, nurturing and loving each other. It's all the turn around we need, to bring peace.

 (This rant inspired by Sheila Foulger and her famous Stop It video, take a break and watch it here:  Bob Newhart Video)


I strive for this Freedom and I walk endlessly toward it through life, knowing why only through hindsight and personal reflection. What might feel like a long journey of mistakes and failures, is an illusion and I can see the beauty and perfection of every moment. I AM grateful.

Over the last several years, I became aware that the world around me might not be what I thought it was. As I came to stages of learning which resonated within and walked forward in a direction that has lead me here.  WOW!  What a ride!  I couldn't have planned it better!  I AM falling in love with life!

This a journey unique to each of us, everyone's journey is their own.  Hence it is a jump that is only for those who chose.  I'd like to put the possibility into the mix to expand the collective consciousness.  If I want Peace, then it must first shine out from the very source of me and reflect in my actions.  How the heck, do you do that? Shed it all?

Be the Change You Wish to See in the World

Contemplating Freedom "from" something brings you full circle back to the knowing that only by changing yourself inside, can you change the world outside and when you really are "there" do you really need to change anything?

I am just so "done" being dominated or controlled, having my energy harvested, with or without my consent.  Fortunately I also know that the universe around me, is created by me, through my perception. So I am really telling this to myself, "don't harvest my energy".

Well if I am telling myself this, then what AM I doing that is contributing to the very thing I seek to free myself from?  If I say, I want Peace in the world, how can peace be reflected OUT of me, INTO this world, unless Peace is my choice, that first shines from my soul and would naturally be reflected in my actions?

It has been said that Adam and Eve did not know hunger until experiencing the separation from God.  A puzzle piece snapped into focus, suddenly as if the constant need to find food, prepare food, grow food, buy food, stock food, have the right food; just seemed well... a LOT of work.

Am I distracted by the need to feed myself? Humm.

I KNOW that unlimited power shines out of me, my God Spark, that can power my body already. I've just forgotten.  If I really KNOW this then I don't need any source outside of myself in this physical place to give me its energy to power my being.

All who meditate will find the zero point inside within oneself, the access to the quantum field.  It is the void and the connection of yourself to ALL that is in the universe.  The God Spark with unlimited abundance of power and knowing.  Each of us, has a direct connection to Source with in us.

If I know that I have an instant direct connection to Source, I then can surmise that there is nothing between Source and myself.  No hierarchies, no paperwork, no Vatican, no permission needed from something outside my body.  First we realized we were slaves. Then came the I AM.  I AM Sovereign. We have declared to the ruling elite, I am the Natural Woman/Man. I sign without prejudice.  I do not consent to my life force being harvested on ANY level by ANY being. ALL contracts are reconciled, I have NO contracts with any Being.

Humanity has begun to let go of the old system of domination and control.  This is the time. Source has declared for Peace and the waves of incoming light have upgraded our physical bodies to the point where we can access more of our DNA to unlock the secrets of our souls and inner technologies of our bodies, which the old system does NOT want us to access.

If I can teleport or fly anywhere I want to go, no boards could restrict me.  If I can manifest anything I need, then no one can control me. If I can maintain the environment around my body, I could travel to the depths of the oceans or transcend time and space.  

We have been led to think that we only use 5% of our DNA.  The inner-technologies of the body rest in our DNA, which is activated by light.  Light is information, wave form, vibration pattern, color, frequency and sound.  DNA refracts out the light that you are into the world and gives the commands in the physical body to create the perception chosen which is a pattern of vibration.  The 95% "junk DNA" the scientists tell us we have is actually contains more capabilities for us to embody if we chose.

The evolution of the human species is globally under way and human technology is organic.  It does not grow in hate, fear and dog eat dog world of low vibration.  It grows in love.

Good, good, good... Good Vibrations

The very last time I ate meat.
Where does all this mumbo jumbo leave us?  Well for me, in my journey, it is time to jump, to make an even greater leap of faith into the unknown.  To walk my Truth.

I am not fasting or trying to lose weight or starving for peace.  I AM consciously with my Free Will choice directing physical change in my body to unlock capabilities within myself, that could come in handy right about now to help the Earth free herself from an invasive force which is struggling to keep humanity in slavery.

I am doing this from my God Spark out, because I am the source of all my experience of life and my perception creates the world I live in. So first I am in appreciation.  I am in love.  I uphold the highest ideals to the best of my ability, so these things can be manifest into this reality and I therefore Be the Change I Wish to See in the World.

All my love,


What wondrous experiences have I planned for myself next...
I AM Appreciation

Abundance flows out from my god spark
I AM Abundance.

Allowance for others to co-exist with me with ease and grace flows out from my god spark
I AM Unconditional Love

Peace flows out from my god spark
I AM Peace

Allowance for the perfection of the journey for all souls flows out from my god spark
I AM Compassion

Knowing I AM the creator of my own perception flows out from my god spark
I AM Self Responsible

I promise to keep my word to the best of my ability flows out from my god spark
I AM Trustworthy

I stand in Truth that which I can be no other, whole and complete not one piece missing.  My ship hull is impenetrable, which shines out from my god spark
I AM Integrity

Wholeness and completeness flows out from my god spark
I AM Oneness


  1. Thank you, Whitney! The clarity of your expression actually transported me into your experience, wow, what's some internal tech you got switched on already!!