Thursday, May 8, 2014

Update on the QEG - 5/8/2014

The QEG project is still in full swing and going very well.  We have had allow for variables we never thought we would with availability, cultural differences, funding, pressure from the people to keep us off course, hitches to invent around and - well, I guess the normal :).  Many people can't fathom how "interesting" it is build a machine such as the QEG in a third world country. After doing this in Morocco it will be easy anywhere else (really).  The QEG requires some very specific parts.  It was clear that resonance had been achieved with hours of run time but was also still in the development stage before Jamie, Valerie and Hope
Wayne, Jamie and Valerie
Girl chose Morocco for a QEG.

When they arrived here, it was fresh from a workshop in Taiwan where they built a QEG with group there and ran into some difficulties when the core there blew out and had to be rewound.  Then after the rewinding then was done the incorrect way.  So she is there, has achieved resonance but is limping from what I hear.

There has been a learning curve and we are so amazed by the talented engineers who showed up for the first week of building the QEG.  Over 600 people donated the funds for the parts from across the globe and 60 plus people were in Aouchtam last week.  It was magical and amazing.  Ideas and news ways of thinking were and still are abundant.

What keeps me in awe, is the commitment to a stand that free energy must be released for the people and how it actually being done, by the people.  Hope Girl has been made offers by wealthy groups to fund the QEG development but only with conditions and instead individuals from around the world, just like you and me are funding the project.  I have never seen anything like it, already it proves that people are asking for change.

What we have learned is in this new way of thinking and doing geared toward creating global abundance for all, that everything you are matters when bringing into being a concept, idea, creation that is changing the way we perceive life.  This machine is not the random workings of Tesla's imagination but a consciousness who has every bit and more of a role in the bringing of light to earth as the Angels.  Some how, some where we started to believe that machines are not part of nature, rather we are finding, nature wants us to grow our technology organically taking in to account the full array of human and natural concerns in a dance of cooperation instead of a force, smash, explode, competitive way.

Everyone here feels and sees the QEG as a sentient being with the physical manifestation of a machine.  And the creative, allowing, fostering and caring that is required to bring her to life is not the normal way so everyone is taking care with her parts, not banging or shoving them.  You would not know if there were any frustrating moments, because there are no yells of anger or curse words coming from the workshop.  The technicians are learning not to push themselves and allow for the natural flow.  You can't think and invent without your body feeling good and taken care of.

Everything is flowing right along, Jamie has been spending some alone time with the QEG and testing being done, all good instead of pushing we are allowing Jamie to do his work to get the results tested and the machined tuned and the results tested.  Everything is being documented and the manual is being updated.

One thing is for sure, we are an amazing bunch working here and we are backed with tons of thoughts, energy and love from all over the world.  Thank you ALL so much and keep the love coming, we still have much work to do and projects hinging on the the next and the next!


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