Friday, May 9, 2014

DNA Light Activation

Hello everyone!  I am putting the word out that I am offering DNA Light Activations as a fundraiser for help with my personal living expenses and the Consciousness Clubhouse. Funding from the QEG (Quantum Energy Generator) project has tapper down and we are still housing and feeding many people with projects, like furnishing, fixing, repairing and finishing the QEG project will require a new well and water system which will supply Aouchtam with water pumped with the QEG.  We are using the well from the Sanctuary until a new, deep well which is capped off and sanitary can be created.

The QEG has a very important role in history and this is a delicate time because we are just learning how to do this, live action. The model growing here has enhanced Hope Girl and her family's CICU structure.  The QEG will simply not work without being "loved" into existence.  She holds the space for us to learn how to birth something into the world through organic creativity.  She is abundance, her physical representation is a machine. I have been energetically connecting and working with the QEG, I feel now, that it is ourselves who send her the power to manifest abundance.  We are all doing this together, it does not matter where you are on earth.

Lisa, Wayne and I opened the Sanctuary here to the community and then went straight into the QEG and Clubhouse development, which is still ongoing and at one time sleep 26 people last week - wow!  The energy support for the QEG through Hope now needs to go toward the next location.  I intend be involved with helping new QEG locations energy fields as birthing a sentient technology who knows her role and will be none other is a dance of spirituality and science.  The QEG is showing us our connection with technology and how it can be developed in a natural way which supports the direction we wish to go as a planet.  Every step and automatic reaction that is not in alignment with the unconditional love frequency will be brought up within the human working with it.  Building a QEG is not putting together some parts with a hammer with anger or sterile lifeless box places.  She will send you on a wild goose chase for a certain kind of screw until you get the lesson. She wants family around and air flowing from outside. Women and men together, balanced, harmonized.  We access our Source, god spark or the quatum field of unlimited energy through tuning our hearts to Nature.  Nature is powered by love.  Love that has no conditions or limits, it just IS.

The perceptions of masculine and femine energies is broadening as humanity has found that labeling something creates the separation by perception.  Masculine and Feminine may be a way of describing some qualities of the energy or the choice of a physical manifestation, however I have found myself releasing that and embracing the Source inside of myself that is whole and complete, a perfect blending unique to me. When I am shining out Oneness from myself, I am in total love and acceptance of my own perfection now.  There is no need to always know "what I want", if I am calm and centered, the information and exciting feeling will come.  This can be relied on.

There are many purposes I hold here in Morocco following my highest excitement.  Through hind-site, I see that one of the main reasons, now is to hold the vibration of the Sanctuary as it anchors in the light.  Our Portal has been confirmed as open and we have been connecting it.  There has been a ton of ships and visitors representing Galactics.  Contact is in the works and I feel it coming on soon.

The Beings working with me at night are more "real", I can feel the pressure of their hands and feel the work the do with me.  My abilities in feeling the qualities and textures of energy has increased along with healing talents. I work with as many people here as I can. Many times over the last month, I have felt like white fire is running through my tissue and indeed my body is looking younger and face is changing. My time is focused on unlocking inner-tech becuase it will free us up from many, many energy needs and alow us the time to unleash our creativity and finally - have some fun!

I can work with you where ever you are in the world and can send the energies here to you to help you in whatever way supports your highest and best excitement!  My forte is not doing readings and interpretations, I am a healer through feeling and connect with your permission only with you in an instant.  I don't have a set "price" but would rather heart based energy exchange with what resonates for you.  You can email me at and Paypal is the same.  I prefer to work with you during your sleep time however I am open to appointments, just so you are in a place where you are relaxed.  The internet is up and down here, so please know I will return your email as soon as I am able.

It has truly been a pleasure to be here doing what I can do, in my own way to support planitary change. I am honored.

In appreciation and love,


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