Monday, May 19, 2014

Free Energy is Here!

Family and Friends!

To each and every one individually - I Love you.  I Love You First.  It costs me nothing to power your highest excitement, by sending unconditional love, thoughts and feelings to you, heart to heart. Feel it if you wish! TOGETHER we are human FREE ENERGY.

We have achieved Over Unity - this means Free Energy.  I have seen it with my eyes.  I have felt it with my hands.  I have witnessed it start to finish.  It is True, it is Done and it is NOW.  Nicola Tesla's Dynamo Electric Machine designed in 1888 modified into the Quantum Energy Generator - QEG by Jamie Robitai is running at five times Over Unity.

There is celebration in the Heavens for the new space of Freedom that has birthed on Earth.

Abundance is here,

Unity Consciousness is achieved,

Over Unity is achieved,

And the existence of which can no longer be denied.


No one knows how long it will take to spread this technology, this depends on All of us.  True world collaboration is already well in progress. This technology is coming out in pockets all over the world, simultaneously. The prototype that just became live and is already been improved on by incredibly talented engineers around the world.

When I met Hope Girl last October in Sarasota, FL, I knew that I would be working with her and Fix The World to help release this amazing technology, now it has happened and we will be continuing the project by creating a CICU - Cottage Industry Community Unit for others to begin building QEGs here.  I have committed to help Fix the World in any capacity that I can and have been invited to the next build site, if you would like to help me with travel expenses, it would be greatly appreciated through Paypal:  Thank you!

With Free Energy, Humanity can shift into new times of joy, never yet felt.

Feel the majesty and imagine your life with no struggle to survive.

Allow yourself to sit back and sigh in relief.

Know you are completely safe.

Your Love powers every shift of positive forward change by intending that everyone you love has everything that they every dreamed of.  Dare to dream that for yourself!

Now there will be much DOing.  My heart vibrates in appreciation and gratitude, we have DONE IT!

Thank you for sharing this moment with me! 

I appreciate YOU!




  1. yes... si... oui ... da... done thanks

  2. God Blesses You!!! Praise Him...
    What type, brand of caps u use?

  3. Thank you so much for your dedication and diligent work!! I've donated <3

  4. Hi, please can you say to de QEG people that they could improve their output with an antena and earth grounding attached to the output wires, the 1,3mhz of the resonant coil is a natural vibration of Earth and they can tap into it more easy.

    1. Hello - she is grounded (out to the garden :) now, however I will relay the information! Thank you!

  5. Please show and directly demonstrate a working model before asking for money? Many millions of intelligent people working on such free energy devices and make great promises ... why has no one ever been able to demonstrate a working model?

  6. This was posted in May. It is now November - almost December - and no public demonstration or measurements have taken place.Here is the truth. Overunity is simple to measure. Until Whitney produces proof, overunity is just a claim among literally hundreds of prior claims by many others. If that proof has not been forthcoming in 6, almost 7, months, why would you think it will every be forthcoming. Since is is purported to be running, it would only take an invitation to do the demo with no more than a month's lead time. Makes me wonder, but if you want to donate, go right ahead. You will definitely get something out to this, if it is only (and most probably) a lesson. I guess the "I got unity but I am not showing you; just trust me!" approach does work though. RecessionProof has already donated. All the others are thanking him for what I am not sure since he really has done anything other than make an unsubstantiated claim.

  7. I'm in school now about to get a degree in Mechanical Maintenance Engineering. This is an awesome device. How can I learn more about it..?