Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Light Ship Sighting - July 2, 2014


We had a magnificent ship over the ocean for over two hours that we know about yesterday morning.  I've
been working on a blog and stayed up late or early if you will and took a break on the veranda.  This ship was three to four times larger than the ones we see normally here.  Sounds funny to say "normally", however we see them about any time we are in the space to look.  .

So I had to wake everyone up and we enjoyed sitting together like a night you all get up to watch the lightning in the sky.  I ended up staying up til past dawn.

When I blew up the photos tonight, we were blown away by the "face" which was there for most of the videos, but sometimes not.

Since I took a lot of shots out of the videos I thought I would just put the pictures and the videos in a blog.  Then the magnificence of the sunrise photos was to amazing not to share.  It looked like a scene from Star Wars. The videos were all different lengths and the jumping around is me adjusting the camera, the ship stayed in the same spot til clouds came in and masked it.

I took all these shots personally.



Video 1 ~ Video 2 ~ Video 3 ~ Video 4 ~ Video 5

Magnificent Sunrise!  This video was just as the rays started to come through the clouds:



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