Monday, July 14, 2014

Notes from the Road: July 14, 2014

We are in the process of helping Sonja pack and clean up her life here in Norway so that she can be free to do what she feels is the best to shine.  And Darius, Blue Star and I have been having a
blast being here, in whatever capacity we can, to be with Sonja in a very difficult time.  It is not only arranging furniture and things, its a morphing of the nature of her relationships with her children, ex-husband and friends.  It is a bit sad and it is sweet. Sonja has been so strong I've seen her bend and flow through this process with clarity.

Since we are so very close in Morocco and we have had enough time to get to a place of ease in communication and flow of life, coming to Norway, I've started to observe how we have brought an interesting  point of light into the layered, structured, very wealthy, neat and tidy country.

We are here for Sonja and we are here for her family as well.  Wow she has some awesome kids and we are really liking Morton, her ex-husband.  We had a conversation with her oldest son, Kristoffer and his friend Magnus who are about twenty years old that blew my socks off.  Magnus told us that he has been working on being positive about everything.  He went through how he catches himself in how he thinks all the time to make sure he is staying positive.  Then he told us that he learned how to cloud burst because he was waving at the clouds with Kristoffer and the clouds went away.  Kristoffer chimed in, excited.  They had experienced it together and then came to the conclusion that they could move clouds with their hands and have been practicing the past week.

Both of them made a point to tell us that they have been feeling that they "glow" more and more over the last six months and are constantly making efforts to move things with their minds etc. Meanwhile they are dealing with regular life.

Purpose renewed of our journey!  I wish I could relay the feeling I had, when I realized how important it was, to meet these young folks.  They got it handled.  They are amazing, they are creating their own learning.  I'm floored with wonder and so much appreciation.  This is about connecting all these brilliant people together.  They want to talk and connect with other people like themselves.  And this is what we are all about!

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  1. This is exactly what I have been noticing about so many young people. They are so easily tuned into themselves and their abilities. They are so comfortable with this energy. So very exciting.

    Thank you for sharing with us again.