Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"Soul Shine" Energy Sessions

A "Soul Shine" is an cleansing and clearing energy body tune up, geared toward allowing YOU to shine out of YOU more.  I assist your soul in clearing the densified perceptions, thoughts, feelings and emotions that block or cloud you from being all that you already are.  These energy patterns or programs distort your natural well-being.

Each of us has unlimited possibilities to unlock within ourselves.  For those that choose to unlock those abilities and want to increase their skills, this energy session is designed to work with your physical, emotional and mental bodies to set you up in the best way possible to support your own declaration of growth.  The byproduct is feeling more relaxed, free, centered and clear.

The session can be done as distance healing or an appointment in a physical place.  Scheduling sessions are very simple.  You can relax, there are no requirements of you save to be open to the energy work.  You can interact with me if we in the same physical space or drift off to sleep. Afterwards drink plenty of water!

Distance sessions can be at night while you are sleeping so you wake up refreshed. Daytime work needs to be scheduled so you can be relaxed as it can cause you to become sleepy or light headed. Sometimes people report sore muscles the next day, like you have worked out and it is good to stretch your body.

Accept for Value

We are in the middle of change and BEing the change in the world.  Much of the work that I do is spontaneous on the spot.  What gets me excitement is to support you in any way I can be more of you in your highest and best good.  I love juicy conversations with open minded individuals and I love to share the talents that I have developed, which is energy work.  Sometimes it is for money and most times it is not, whatever feels good in the situation is the best and should never be a hindrance to exploring.  The people who can afford sessions will and living full time on the energetic trail for almost a year now has taught me Trust.  For me, every session is a gift of my heart and my satisfaction is within myself and the heart connection.  FRNs come when they know it is time.

Depending on where I am traveling, I am willing to come to your town!  My self-prescribed job is connecting the people of Earth who are active in their lives learning and shifting with the changes. Connecting and meeting new friends is my highest excitement, so I enjoy trading sessions for the household for one or two nights stay plus juicy conversations.  Currently Sonja Knutsen and I will be in the Oslo, Norway area from the 8th of September for about a week, schedule is not set yet.

To schedule your Soul Shine appointment send an email to waf@the-one-network.org.  Copy and paste the text below adding your information with "Soul Shine Appointment" in the subject line.

I, (your name), give Whitney Fisher permission to work with me energetically once at our agreed upon time.  I acknowledge and accept that the intent is for my highest and best good.  All healing benefits are a result of me doing my own work with assistance and no guarantees of healing are made by Whitney.

 If have an abundance and would like to share FRNs, paypal links off the blog:  www.livnshine.blogspot.com.  I will respond to your email and work with you to find the best time for you.  Depending on when you contact me, I may be on the road, please know that I will get back to you as soon as I am able.

All my best!


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