Monday, March 16, 2015

InnerTech Play Space Event - Thor Gundersen - April 2015

Group Skype Deprogramming Workshop with Thor Gundersen from Norway.

Thor is an extremely talented deprogramer, in one workshop he deprograms billions upon billions of energetic programs from your past, present and future, the people you've interacted with and will interact with, your multidimensional self and all your embodiments on earth or otherwise in various systems.

He is very no-nonsense, clear and to the point. He packs the session with healing that continues working for months.  It is best to come, clear of mind and not get caught up in trying to understand it all as he is going through the de-programming. You can feel him working on you before the workshop begins.

When I contacted Thor about doing sessions here, he was very interested and immediately took me through a healing session, now it is weeks later and every day there is a new revelation and layer breaking loose. Before the session there were some things I was working on in myself that I had come to an impasse with, nothing was working to release or resolve.  Now many of those issues are sorted out, leaving me feeling fantastic and more free of limitations.  

For those looking to develop their super skills one of Thor's workshops is very appropriate. The link below is a blog regarding Thor and includes links to his work: Blog and Information on Thor Gundersen

The session is $250 and includes follow up with Thor after the event.  Please read about Thor's work and gauge if it is interesting to you, then email by April 10th if you would like to participate, regardless if you think you can afford it or not or where you are located.  The group will be working together before the workshop to support each other in manifesting all the is required.

Once we have enough people interested, we can schedule the details.


On the InnerTech Play Space - Whitney's commitment is to develop the skills and capacities of the 95% DNA we are currently not utilizing. The InnerTech Play Space is for those interested in being part of a group of people who are pushing the boundaries of consciousness, developing skills such as telepathy, manifestation, teleportation, expanded sight and awareness and so on. In her travels she has met some truly amazing people whose talents she thinks are very important to share and the InnerTech Play Space is a format for exceptional people to share themselves.

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