Monday, March 30, 2015

Update from Whitney - March 30th 2015

Greetings to Everyone!

The trees are blooming in North Carolina, spring is in the air and new experiences are afoot!

These past couple months in Charlotte have been magical.  I arrived just before Christmas and found exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. Thanks to a friend's help with living expenses and Azera's welcoming home, I've been able to fully rest and recuperate from a year and half of living on the edge. I am so very grateful!

Azera is the nicest woman you could ever meet with great mother hugs and house tucked in the woods. We have achieved a wonderful harmony in living and both helped each other just when we needed it most.

Synchronicity is showing up in every corner, as it turns out we have the same birthday, same general type of upbringing, similar preferences, her cat is a copy of my cat, same mannerisms and meow, even some childhood experiences with the same themes, we even like the same breed of horse (Friesian).  Our schedules fell in sync so that we have time together and time alone, cooking or not cooking.  My experience here has been like a culmination of my study on intentional communities and how they can flow with people working together. The beauty of this kind of dance is my way of unleashing my creativity and letting my soul shine.

While in Charlotte I have had to opportunity to get to know many in the spiritual community through Azera's friends at meetings and fairs.  There is an awesome group here who are firmly on their own quests for truth and learning.  I am glad to share my healing gifts and connect with a group expressing their talent and artistry.  Now we are forever connected!

Staying in Charlotte with Azera has given me the space to really think though and realize what my experiences following the energetic trail have shown me.  The lessons are powerful. I had hoped to be writing more and sharing sooner, but it has taken quite a bit of time to see the overall themes that can be useful information for any one who is searching.  Now I am embarking on writing a book to share the benefit of my experiences with others!

Strength renewed, backed by the power of my expanded perspective it is time to shift gears again.

Next destination:  Iceland in April and then Spain.  A magical invitation was extended to me by my dear friend Helga Arnardóttir to come experience Iceland and some sacred places there. Then we would head to Spain where Helga has a caravan and let the journey unfold.  This would open opportunities to meet and connect with many people from many different places and allow the time needed to write.

To raise the funds to travel I am offering full Soul Shine distance energy healing sessions for any donation amount. Think of it as an energetic massage, taking off the crusty layers, helping you relax and be more present and clear. It does not matter where you are at, the healing is just as effective over distances and it supports you wherever you are at on your journey. There is no specific place you have to be or anything you need to do, save being opening and willing to receive the help.  Click here for more information. Any one in the Charlotte area, we can also meet in person. Paypal accepts debit and credit cards for the donations, the link is on my blog:

Once you have made the donation, please email me at so I can communicate with you on the healing! A session might not be right for you, keep me in mind, you may know someone in need, so please pass this information on! My appreciation and gratitude in advance!

Also, I am looking to find who is interested in sessions with Thor Gundersen from Norway, if you are, please email me by April 10th so I can find out if we have enough interest to schedule something. Find more details here:  Thor Gundersen.

Like many others called out to walk in uncertainty for the sake of something new, I am discovering my purpose while living it. The situations I have put myself in have grown me to be a more loving being who can does best she can at every moment of now, openly, authentically and willingly. LivNShine is my blog name because this is what I am doing. It is very simple, I am BEing the change I wish to see in the world, Living it with my actions and Shining it where ever I find myself.

Thank you for reading my update and I hope to be of healing service to you if I can!

In gratitude and appreciation, I wish the very best for you!



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