Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Encounters on the Road: Archie Bell

Upon arriving in Ireland on September 22nd, my friend Wayne and I did not personally know anyone and we had no specific travel plans, we only knew that we wanted to meet people and experience ancient sites.  So after a couple days of getting settled in, I posted a message on the One People Ireland FaceBook group and sent out two private messages to people who had posted in the group. The next day, Wayne and I were honored to meet a new friend, Archie Bell in a quaint restaurant/pub in Drumahair.

It didn't take long after meeting Archie for him to lean over the table, voice sounding a bit
Sean Connery "why me"; meaning why did I send him a facebook message out of the blue to see if he wanted to meet for coffee.  His sincere eyes looking right into me.

We are all just walking each other home.

Archie quoted this line later in our conversation and it stuck with me and it is the true answer to "why me". He had read it somewhere, could not remember where, but it stuck with him and now I have adopted it with full appreciation to the originator.

In the moment someone hones in and directly asks you a questions like that, how do you explain the background of all that you are, that would have you go on to a FB group page, see who is posting in the group and send a private message - hey, do you want to meet for coffee and know that only the person you would supposed to meet would respond.  We wanted nothing from Archie, simply to connect and share ourselves.  My response was not as eloquent at the moment but honest.

No matter what the trail was to Wayne and I sitting and conversing with Archie, we as "perfect strangers" talked for over four hours straight before looking up and realizing how the time had melted away. Interesting huh!

Archie has been aware and supporting the shift in consciousness of the earth in his own fashion for his entire life.  The wisdom he shared with us from himself was gratefully received.  I think the most heart warming was our conversation about the sincere love and compassion sent to us in the USA by fellow humans in Ireland when the events of September 11th took place.  I had not really thought about the reactions of people in other countries to the tragedy of that day and am so grateful for the heartfelt love sent to us by people in places that "seem" so far away however are closer to us that we can imagine.

Archie, is in every way a reflection of caring; proudly wearing a cap and matching sweater stating "I Care".  After our long conversation, he wanted us to meet his family and we walked together to his son's house.

It was about bed time for the kids, but Archie's son Alan asked us in and we enjoyed talking while kids came in and out bringing us the toys that they wanted to share with us.  Wayne, who has grandchildren he loves and misses at home, had fun lost in kid land for a bit with Alan youngest daughter, whom Alan said normally is very shy.  Like his father, Alan was giving gifts of his heart as well.  He shared his passion for helping kids with us as a member of a Star Wars Battalion, where he and his group participate in various kids functions as Star Wars figures.  He showed us a video of himself dancing as a Storm Trouper at a picnic for terminally ill children - what a light brightening their spirits!  They make their own costumes which look like they are straight from the movies!

Wayne and I left late at night appreciative and happy for the day well spent and new friends that we will never forget.  Thank you Archie and Alan!  Our blessings to you!

All my best,


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